An Enchanted Louisiana Wedding

I actually photographed this wedding a few years ago, and I realized today that I never posted it on the blog!  This wedding is near and dear to my heart – my best friend’s sister married her soulmate under a beautiful oak tree on her family’s land.  It was a very intimate and beautiful affair, and I just love the way the moss hangs from the trees!

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A Special Wildflower Mini Session

This session is very near and dear to my heart.  This session (from a few years ago) included my Stepmom (who is Thai), and my Granny and Grandpa.  My Grandpa passed away in the Fall, and these pictures are a sweet reminder of all the fun times we shared, and how much he loved my Granny (they were married for 65 years!).  My Grandpa was also a veteran, and served as a policeman in the Army during the Korean War.   I hope today we can all take a moment to thank and honor the men and women who serve/served our country.

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Meredith and Ed’s Gazebo Wedding

Meredith and Ed were married at the romantic Flippen Park in Highland Park.  Meredith pulled up in a limo, while Ed and all of their closest friends and family waited in the gazebo for her to walk up with her Father.  The two were wed by Meredith’s sister, and the ceremony was very personal, sweet, and casual.  Their dog-baby couldn’t attend the wedding, so they had paper fans made with a picture of their dog’s nose so he could be a part of the wedding too.


Red, White, and Blue Baby!

Is this little one just the cutest or what?  I took these photos about three years ago back when this little one’s Momma (one of my very best friends) was in the Army.  This was a quick session, just to get some photos of of Valerie and her little one for one of the military holidays.

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Hanna’s Dreamy Portrait Session

There was something just so dreamy about Hanna’s portrait session at the Dallas Arboretum.  I’ve known Hanna since she was about 9 years old; I have been best friends with her sister since we were about 10 years old.  I was honored to photograph Hanna’s wedding a few years ago in Louisiana.  It’s so awesome to see Hanna all grown up and beautiful as ever.

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