Galveston Part I: Moody Gardens

Part I of our trip started on my birthday!  We went to the Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens, and it was absolutely magical!  It was so fun seeing the animals close up (some were too close).  We wanted to go in the Aquarium Pyramid, but it was unfortunately shut down for renovations.  We went into the 3D theater and saw Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Secret Ocean, and it was amazing!  The video was in macro, and we were able to see unique and interesting marine life close up.  I had never seen anything like it.

DSC_1832 logo

There was a butterfly “house”, but the butterflies didn’t really want anything to do with us and were constantly fluttering around.  I was able to get a shot of this beauty.
DSC_1845 logo

One poor butterfly couldn’t fly anymore, and it was on the ground.  Jon scooped it up and put it on the flowers.

DSC_1848 logo

We pretended to be adventurers.  Doesn’t Jon look like an explorer?
DSC_1861 logo DSC_1864 logo

I absolutely LOVE bats, and I was excited to see these guys up close and personal.  I was surprised that they were up and about in the middle of the day.

DSC_1873 logo

This monkey roams free around the pyramid and can go wherever he wants, which happened to be right in front of my face.
DSC_1887 logo DSC_1910 logo

I’m glad these guys were behind glass.
DSC_1922 logo

There were beautiful orchids everywhere!  These apparently really liked humidity.
DSC_1923 logo DSC_1928 logo DSC_1935 logo

I absolutely love the vibrant colors of parrots.  Moody Gardens placed them in pairs for companionship I guess.

DSC_1937 logo DSC_1951 logo

These little yellow birds would fly out in front of you while you were walking.  There was even a sign that read “crossing” (I can’t remember the type of bird).  DSC_1959 logo

The macaws are always my favorite.  These two beauties were rubbing up on each other.  DSC_1977 logo DSC_1982 logo DSC_1985 logo

These bats are a different species than what we saw early on in our tour.  I was still surprised to see them awake, but perhaps they didn’t know it was daylight outside.
DSC_1988 logo

DSC_1992 logo DSC_1997 logo DSC_2000 logo DSC_2005 logo DSC_2007 logo DSC_2009 logo

Freshwater stingrays are pretty cool.  There are also freshwater puffer fish.  Who knew?
DSC_2011 logo

This guy is still posing for me. DSC_2018 logo DSC_2024 logo

This is one of my favorite shots from the whole tour.  The perfect pose!

DSC_2037 logo

Even though we didn’t get on it, this is the paddleboat behind the Moody Gardens, which was pretty cool. DSC_1795 logo

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