Galveston Part II: The Finale

Here’s more highlights from my Galveston trip!

We went under Murdochs to get some cool shots with the beams behind us.

DSC_2045 logo

Here’s one of the few pictures of me in front of the camera!

DSC_2054 logo

We really wanted to visit Pleasure Pier (in the background), but it was closed for the season!

DSC_2062 logo

Murdochs has a beautiful porch (with a bar) that is right on the ocean.  They even had rocking chairs!  This pigeon decided to join us, and I got some shots of a seagull sitting on an old beam below.

DSC_2089 logo DSC_2094 logo

Pleasure Pier again.  Too bad it was closed!

DSC_2100 logo DSC_2104 logo

On Thursday we went on the ferry that goes from Galveston to Port Bolivar, and we saw some dolphins!  DSC_2109 logo DSC_2113 logo

We sailed by Seawolf Park where they have an old ship and submarine (they aren’t air conditioned).  It was cool to see them from afar though.

DSC_2119 logo DSC_2128 logo

Basically the only time we saw pelicans was at Port Bolivar.  Look how many there are!
DSC_2137 logo DSC_2140 logo DSC_2150 logo

Postcard ready.
DSC_2157 logo

Jon’s taking in the sights (and searching for dolphins). DSC_2165 logo DSC_2167 logo DSC_2171 logo

Dolphin!  The best shot I got.  Apparently they don’t jump much outside of Seaworld.DSC_2177 logo DSC_2187 logo DSC_2192 logo

This is the S.S. Selma.  Read more about it’s interesting history here.

DSC_2215 logo DSC_2219 logo DSC_2231 logo

After our adventures on Thursday, we went to the beach at sunset.  Earlier that day, Jon and I fed the seagulls, and there were LOTS of them, flying overhead and everything, and then they literally surrounded us and watched us for probably 15 minutes.  I thought I’d take my camera later that evening to get some photos of the same scenario, but apparently they had better places to be than on the beach.  I was actually impressed Jon flagged down 3 seagulls that were flying above us!  There was this little guy below enjoying his alone time on the beach though. DSC_2243 logo DSC_2253 logo DSC_2268 logo

In the evening little crabs (not hermit crabs) will scuttle from hole to hole.   Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to capture a photo of one, so just imagine a little crab peaking out of this hole.
DSC_2271 logo

Little bird prints in the sand.

DSC_2273 logo

One of the seagulls Jon flagged down.  I just love the setting sun’s orange light. DSC_2289 logo DSC_2292 logoDSC_2303 logo DSC_2304 logo DSC_2306 logo DSC_2346 logo

The sun’s orange and pink glow is beautiful in the sand!  DSC_2348 logo DSC_2349 logo DSC_2363 logo DSC_2368 logo

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