Audrey and Jarrod’s E-Session

I had so much fun photographing Audrey and Jarrod last night for their engagement session at Trinity Park in Fort Worth!  They are the sweetest couple and they are so photogenic!  They’re to be wed in Austin in November.

DSC_5541 logoDSC_5522 logoDSC_5508 logoDSC_5502 logoDSC_5496 logoDSC_5478 logoDSC_5460 logoDSC_5454 logoDSC_5433 logoDSC_5425 logoDSC_5413 logoDSC_5399 logoDSC_5389 logoDSC_5383 logoDSC_5366 logoDSC_5278 logoDSC_5254 logoDSC_5250 logoDSC_5249 logoDSC_5394 logo

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