Audrey and Jarrod’s E-Session

I had so much fun photographing Audrey and Jarrod last night for their engagement session at Trinity Park in Fort Worth!  They are the sweetest couple and they are so photogenic!  They’re to be wed in Austin in November.

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All Aboard! Brandon and Amanda’s Engagement Session

These two lovebirds wanted their engagement session (and wedding) centered around trains, and they asked if I knew of any locations that would fit for their e-session.  The Grapevine Vintage Railroad was absolutely PERFECT.  I called the GVR office to confirm that photos were okay and to see if the trains were running (they weren’t).  The employees we ran across were very nice and welcoming to our photos.  I’d love to do a session here again, so if you’re interested PLEASE email me at

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Which photos is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

Tyrone and Jennifer – McKinney Engagement Photography

Tyrone and Jennifer decided on Adriatica Village for their gorgeous engagement session.  The setting sun provided a beautiful golden light for their photos.

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Valerie + Shawn – Dallas Engagement Photography

My best friend Valerie just got engaged a few weeks ago, and she asked me to take their engagement and family photos.  It was such a pleasure seeing them together as a family, and I am so excited for their future.  Their wedding is tentatively scheduled for July of next year at a tropical destination.  I’m packing already. 🙂
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A Rustic E-Session – Denton Engagement Photography

These two lovebirds were looking for a rustic location for their engagement session, and I knew just the place.  Old Alton Bridge in Denton, Texas, was exactly what they were looking for.  I thought it would be a beautiful to get the bridge in the background, so we went on a little hike down the river bank to get the perfect angle.  Now I think it’s probably full of water thanks to all the rain we’ve had!

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Carlos and Rachel – Dallas Engagement Photography

Carlos and Rachel’s engagement session was breathtaking.  Adriatica Village in McKinney provided the perfect backdrop for this beautiful couple.  Their wedding was held at the Bella Donna Chapel seen in the background.

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